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Name:Valcentica Academy of Magic
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valcentica academy of magic: an oc and panfandom rp

If only all schools for the magical arts and sciences were as non-dysfunctional as Hogwarts.

Yes, that's right, we said non-dysfunctional.

Welcome to Valcentica, where demon hordes attack every spring term and wrenches are used as a teaching tool (and not just in mechanical classes, either). Established in 956 AD under the Umayyad Caliphate, the school was temporospatially relocated into an alternate reality pocket somewhere on the eastern coast of Spain in 1493. A liminal space, not quite in one place or the other, it is host to a number of surreal occurrences that are almost as normal as a gargoyle asking you out for tea. People come to Valcentica for magical education, scientific education, dadaist education, and occasionally they just show up.

And hey, it's only nearly burned down once this year. New record.

Valcentica is an invite-only RP based on a proboards game from the late 2000s. If you have to ask why, you weren't there. It's okay. You probably don't want to be.
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